***We are not currently accepting any fish for custom processing. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please phone to put your name on a waiting list.**

Custom Smoking

(Available Monday - Saturday, 9am - 4pm)

You caught it? We’ll smoke it!

Bring in your quality fish and we will smoke it for you. We offer several varieties of smoking: lox, single smoke, lemon pepper and double smoke.

There is a minimum 10lb charge on all our fish processing options. In addtion, we can fillet and vacuum-pack your salmon for you.

*** Processing fee is paid when you drop off your fish.
*** The cost of packaging is paid when you receive your fish.

2012 Custom Smoking Prices*
10 - 50 lb. 50+ lb.
Lox $2.30/lb $2.10/lb.
Single Smoke $2.40/lb $2.20/lb.
Double Smoke $2.75/lb $2.40/lb.
Lemon Pepper $3.00/lb $2.80/lb.
Heavy Lox $2.80/lb $2.60/lb
Trout $3.25/lb $3.00/lb
Steaking & Filleting $1.15/lb $1.00/lb

Taxes not included.
"Round" surcharge: $ .75/lb.
Vacuum-packing costs $1.00 per bag plus GST.
NOTE: Minimum charge = 10lb.

Fisheries Regulations require that the Licence of Capture be recorded when we receive your fish.
Also, all fish must be declared as Aboriginal, Commercial, or Sport Caught.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Tips and Advice:

  • All charges based on in weight.
  • To help save cost, clean and remove the head.
  • Wash your fish well.
  • Use proper bags.
  • Practice good Food Safe habits.

Custom Smoking Hours (Pickup and Drop off)
Monday to Saturday - 8 am to 5 pm. No exceptions!

Caring for your smoked fish:

Vacuum-packed product must be kept frozen.
Break vacuum seal when thawing and keep smoked salmon refrigerated.

Sea Fresh Fish Ltd. reserves the right to replace your fish with equal or better quality salmon in the event of human/equipment error or failure.