We have a wide selection of quality deli meats and cheeses, which we will slice fresh for you. We serve homemade salads prepared in small batches to ensure fresh-from-the-kitchen flavours.

Our deli team takes pride in our famous Bruce’s Salmon Chowder which is made from wild salmon, cream, and herbs and served hot in our deli seven days a week. We also offer it in To-Go containers for easy take-out. Bruce’s homemade chili, vegetable chili and daily soup are also wholesome, hearty meals.

For those customers who are on-the-go, we have deli sandwiches available and we also make a tasty custom sandwich (the best!) with your choice from a wide selection of our finest ingredients. Try one of our signature smoked salmon or shrimp and avocado sandwiches fresh from our deli.


We have a wonderful selection of desserts that make any occasion special. We carry a line-up from Trumps Fine Foods, WOW! Factor Desserts, and Don Marco’s Italian Bakery, as well as Bruce’s in-store products.

  • WOW! Factor Desserts

    All desserts are made with natural ingredients using time-honoured traditions. These desserts are decorated with craftsmanship that matches their heavenly taste. Just one bite and you’ll know why Wow! Factor Desserts have been declared by customers to be the finest available.

  • Trumps Fine Foods Merchants

    An established Vancouver bakery that brings fresh, innovative cuisine and trusted family recipes from around the world to your table. Every product is made from scratch with no preservatives, using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

  • Don Marco’s Bakery

    A local, family-operated bakery that supplies us with fresh apple strudels, deep-dish pies, crumbles and artisan breads. Quality is evident in every bite.


Every day we offer freshly baked bread. Often it is still warm from the oven when placed on our shelves.

Some specialty breads we carry are:

  • Terra Breads

    Their crusty breads are baked fresh daily in stone hearth ovens. Using quality ingredients and natural starters, the breads are leavened, shaped and baked in a slow artisan process. At Bruce’s Country Market we carry Original and Organic Terra Breads, as well as their granola and pecan fruit crisps.

  • A Bread Affair