Bruce’s Country Market has an extensive salmon and seafood counter. While we specialize in wild salmon, we also carry a variety of other fish including halibut, sole, snapper, cod, basa, and tuna. We have hand-peeled and machine-peeled shrimp, black tiger prawns, Icelandic and Eastern scallops, king crab legs, and fresh clams, mussels and oysters. For special occasions, we carry crab meat and other fine products. Check out our great selection of seafood sauces and marinades. In need of recipe ideas? We have a wide assortment of recipes available online and in-store. Please ask at the seafood counter.

Fresh Wild Salmon

We are proud to carry wild sockeye salmon year round. The store is owned and operated by a family of commercial fishermen who provide fresh, wild salmon, in season, for the store.

Picture of the Boats bought in 1974

Bruce’s carries fresh wild sockeye, spring and pink salmon, in season. We carry professionally frozen, high quality salmon year-round. Choose whole spring or sockeye, head off or filleted.

Bruce’s Smoked Salmon

We smoke our own salmon on the premises and provide seven varieties of top quality smoked salmon. Our single smoked salmon comes in three types: lemon pepper, honey garlic, or original. We have double smoked salmon, salmon lox, salmon jerky, and our latest bestseller - maple smoked nuggets. All our fresh smoked salmon is made with high-quality sockeye or spring salmon. The salmon jerky is made from chum salmon. We do not use nitrates or preservatives in our smoking process. People travel all over the Lower Mainland to buy our salmon. It really is the best!

Prepared Salmon

Don’t have the time or energy to prepare your own salmon? No problem! Bruce’s has several varieties of stuffed sockeye, when available: Mediterranean Salmon, California Salmon, Shrimp-Stuffed Salmon and Seafood-Stuffed Salmon. We carry salmon cakes, ready to bake or fry and marinated salmon fillets and seafood skewers, ready for the grill or oven. We have smoked salmon pate prepared in the deli, and often sell our special Grandma’s Sauce already prepared, for your convenience. All products are prepared at Bruce’s Country Market with the finest fresh product available.

Picture of the Boats bought in 1974

MV Eva Noreen, MV Eva Lorena and MV Eva Supreme - Fraser River, 1974.

Canned Salmon

Bruce’s Country Market carries our own line of canned wild salmon, from wild salmon caught by our own fishermen! We have 1/2 lb and 1/4 lb cans of sockeye and pink salmon and 1/4 lb cans of smoked sockeye and smoked pink salmon. Our latest product is our highest quality sockeye salmon, deboned and skinless, in 180 gram cans. Purchase canned salmon by the case and receive a discount!

Salmon Pouch Packs

Bruce’s Country Market carries a perfect salmon gift box or salmon travel pack. Our own sockeye salmon is packaged in pouch packs, a soft foil package that is as shelf-stable as a regular can! We have
1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, and 1 lb pouches, in wooden boxes or in a decorative sleeve. Each are beautifully and tastefully packaged.