DEPOSIT • Halibut Fillets ($269/10 lb case)

DEPOSIT • Halibut Fillets ($269/10 lb case)



How it Works: When you buy a 10 lb. Case of B.C. Halibut Fillets from Bruce’s Market, we place your order in our queue. As fresh Halibut come in from our boats we process orders in order. Once your order is ready for pick up we will have you come in and complete payment and pick up your order.

Based on our filleting recoveries, this is the equivalent to purchasing a 15.7 lb whole halibut!

Once you pick up your halibut, you can enjoy Bruce’s custom prepared fresh-frozen B.C. Halibut year round. 

Please remember:

  • Case price for 10 lb. Halibut Fillets is $269 per case ($10 less than 2023 price).
  • Fillets are Vacuum Sealed with 2 portions per bag.
  • All processing and packaging is included in the price of the fish.

Reminder the $100 payment is a deposit on your order. The balance is due and payable upon pick up of your order.


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