DEPOSIT • Whole Halibut Order ($19.99/lb.)

DEPOSIT • Whole Halibut Order ($19.99/lb.)


Office Use Only:

Boxes: ________ Weight:________ x $19.99 /lb = ________________
Less Deposit: - $100
Total Owing at Pick-Up: ________


How it Works: When you buy B.C. Halibut from Bruce’s Market at $19.99/lb. (same as 2023 price), you purchase a whole B.C. Halibut (Size 10-50 lb.). We custom cut it exactly the way you want it (Steaks, Fillets or both). We portion cut it to suit your needs; dinners for 1 or 2. We vacuum seal your custom order and freeze it immediately for the best quality.

You pick up your halibut and enjoy Bruce’s custom prepared fresh-frozen B.C. Halibut year round. 

What you get from your Whole Halibut, head off and cleaned: 

  • The expected finished filleted product weight is 65 to 75 percent of the whole fish weight. 
  • The expected finished steak with bone in product weight is about 80 percent of the whole fish weight.
  • The trimmings have good usable meat in them and are best used for soup stocks or chowders.

Reminder the $100 payment is a deposit on your order. The balance is due and payable upon pick up of your order.

Please remember:

  • If you would like multiple fish a separate order must be filled out for each fish.
  • If you are splitting or sharing an order with friends or family we can provide additional boxes during pick up.
  • Balance of payment is made when you pick up your order.
  • All processing and packaging is included in the price of the fish.


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